All Island Equity MIC

All Island Equity Mortgage Investment Corp provides a diversified investment alternative secured by mortgages across British Columbia. Our portfolio consists of over $60M in loans spread over 100 properties throughout Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and other trusted BC communities. With a portfolio loan-to-value of under 50%, All Island Equity MIC provides a conservative and diversified approach to real estate investment.[1]

Diversified Mortgage Investment creating a consistent income stream for shareholders.

All Island Equity MIC offers investors the ability to participate in a diversified mortgage portfolio secured by prime real estate throughout Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and select trusted communities throughout BC. The portfolio consists of over 100 mortgages secured by over $200M in real estate assets. [2]

We offer a tax-efficient, flow-through investment vehicle that aims to pay a consistent and stable distribution to shareholders. The share value of the mortgage fund does not change and 100% of net income is distributed quarterly. Our management team provides quarterly updates on the portfolio performance as well as annual third party audited financial statements.

7.23% ROI per Unit
Quarterly compounded return for 2022/23 [3]
AIE MIC has provided shareholders positive annual returns since 1997 [4]
$60 Million +
Equity Raised Primarily from investors on Vancouver Island. [5]
48% Loan to Value
Low portfolio loan-to-value, secured by quality real estate assets. [6]

Looking for financing?
All Island Equity MIC has a solution for you.

At All Island Equity, we recognize and value the unique potential in our Island communities. We have a sincere desire to see Vancouver Island flourish and are committed to helping you make your next project a success. Don’t wait to turn your dreams into reality – contact our team today to find out how All Island Equity can assist with your next project.