A local approach to investing.

At All Island Equity MIC, we adopt an active and transparent management approach, striving to provide shareholders with predictable and stable returns through secured real estate investment. We believe in the markets we invest in. Our extensive knowledge of these communities enables shareholders to participate in the real estate market through a conservative and diversified mortgage investment fund. Learn more about All Island Equity MIC and who invests via our informational video.

Investment Benefits
Diversified portfolio

Over 100 mortgages throughout BC (with a focus on Vancouver Island and the Okanagan)

Conservative lending approach

Significant equity and quality collateral

Local Market Knowledge

Knowing the markets we serve better protects investors


Flow through investment with specific tax advantages [1]


Units qualify for registered plans such as RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, and RESPs


Investors can elect to reinvest (via the direct reinvestment program) or receive their distributions in cash

Investing in All Island Equity MIC

Find out more about how to invest

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